Sidelight Transformation

A client purchased a home in a new development. The entry sidelights are clear insulated panels. They did not prevent visitors looking in to see the living room or anyone on the stairway. Instead of replacing the panels (and losing the benefit of insulated panels, we suggested adding decorative panels to the inside to decorate and obscure visitor's view.

After my initial HomeAdvisor request, which was on a Sunday, Bob contacted me right away. He came to my house a couple days later so we could discuss my project.


I had clear sidelights on my front entry door, which I wanted to replace initially, but after talking to Bob, he recommended covering them because of the insulation and type of glass. I really didn't think that was possible outside of purchasing some sort of blind to cover them up, but Bob opened my eyes. Plus, I really appreciated the cost savings


After our discussion, Bob emailed me some samples to choose from; then he came to the house again to show me how it would look. Once I chose the design I wanted, Bob went to work and the process was not long at all. Today he installed the glass chip sidelights and I absolutely love them!!!

If you have any type of glass project, I definitely recommend this company. You will not be disappointed.